How is Love Looking for Work

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Four Wednesdays in May ~

May 7, May 14, May 21 and May 28 at 10am Pac/1pm East

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Do we have the ‘ears to hear’, the ‘eyes to see’ when it happens?
What is Love calling forth in your life? Are you ‘listening’?
How is it happening, how will it happen…
in the Invisible, the visible, through you, As You?

Have you yearned to do work that you Love?
Have you had dreams or glimpses, even visions of what could be?

What is Love calling forth in your life? How is the Love, the Universe, the All That is actually inviting you, even asking you to embody It, manifest It?

How can you tell the difference between That,
the authentic experience of Essence, and your ego?

What does it take? What does It require from you?
What are the Stages of how It could happen?

Are you a Dream Builder??? Does Love invite you to become One?
What would it be like to gather together in the energy field of Dream Builders and explore what it means and how it works?

Dialogue with people who have yearned to build their dreams…and have built them.
Be part of the Co-Creation of this Deep Dive into what it could mean to really build your own dream and do the work that you Love.

May 7, May 14, May 21 and May 28 at 10am Pac/1pm East

Register today for $100 USD

OVERVIEW of the 4-week Tele Course:
“How is Love Looking for Work?”

May 7:  Dreams, Visions & Glimpses
How can it be Past, Present and Future as One?
What Dreams are made of…
How does It manifest Its Platforms?

May 14:   Values, Languages and Worldviews, one or many?
Different ‘languages’ for different ‘countries’
Natural Gifts and Gifts of Genius
Some are ‘free’, Always Already, some are ‘earned’

May 21:   The Landscapes of our Lives, inner and outer
How do we know both? How do we invite Support?
Blocks and Fences
Love coming across the fence…looking for work

May 28:   Why is ‘Why’ important? How does it make ‘all the difference’?
How do we find the first steps and then the Stairway?
Diving Deeply into Co-Creation
The Higher Knowing of moving from “I” to “We”


Dr. Marj Britt founded Called by Love in 2011 as the Universe began to call her to a worldwide platform that was beyond the ‘bricks & mortar’ platform of Unity of Tustin. Marj was a visionary leader of Unity of Tustin, California, for 19 years. Widely known for its beautiful meditation gardens and as a Campus of Consciousness, Unity of Tustin hosted some of the foremost master teachers of today. Before ministry, she completed a doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts School of Education, with a focus in curriculum, psychological education, and counseling. She attended seminary at Unity School of Christianity and was ordained in 1988. She has served on the seminary board as well as in other national leadership roles. She is a mystic in the world, a master teacher, with consciousness and Love as the living flame of her life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How will I access and participate in the course?
The format and access to the course will be the same format as the Living, Loving, Legacy TeleSummit and the Previous Telecourses.
Registered participants receive a link and password to access the Course Page with all of the sessions, Q&A Form and access to the replays.

How long is each Session?
Each session will be approximately 90 minutes, including some teaching with Marj, and interactive exchanges and Q&A. If there are more questions or conversations that exceed the allotted time, Marj will remain on the line to address everyone’s questions as her schedule allows.

What if I miss a call, or know I cannot attend ‘live’ … will a replay be available?
If you are unable to attend a call, no problem! You will be able to submit your questions in the course Q&A box at any time. Marj will get them. When you listen to the replay, you will hear your question read and answered if time allows.

Do I need a Facebook Account to participate in the course?
We have created a Private Facebook group for the Course Participants. You do NOT need to have a Facebook account to participate in the course, however we encourage those who have Facebook to join the group. It gives an intimate, enriching environment for each of us to get to know each other on deeper levels. Participants receive the link to the group via email.

What if I have more questions? 
If you have any questions, after listening to Marj’s invitation for this week’s “Field Trip” and this Upcoming Telecourse (7 minutes), and the FAQS above, we invite you to write to


Also, remember to register for the telesummit replays, and our newsletters, at the top of this page or on the homepage if you haven’t done so yet.