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Intersections in Time that changed my life with Roger Housden, by Marj Britt

Roger Housden has written so many wonderful books, many of which include some of my most favorite poems. I love his book ‘RISKING EVERYTHING, 110 POEMS OF LOVE AND REVELATION’. And taking one of his on-line writing courses was part of my INITIATION into the amazing Invisible Platform of the worldwide web.

I so deeply and passionately INVITE YOU to be live with us on this FREE call on Wednesday Sept. 17th at 10:00 am PDT. And if you can’t for some reason, do not miss the listening to the REPLAY…

Marj and Roger Housden Outdoor Laguna Beach

Below is a beautiful 5 minute ‘voice message’ from Roger Housden giving you a BRIEF TASTE of what I experienced with him in being a part of his on-line course called “Your Authentic Life. He quotes Georgia O’Keeffe, whom I love, talking about “making your unknown Known”. He says that our lives are a mystery…often to ourselves and others…and we are here to unfold that Mystery, the Unique story of our lives. He speaks of how it runs like an underground stream through our days…

Can you tell why my Intersections in Time with Roger Housden have profoundly imprinted in my heart and soul? Here is the link to that 5 minute BRIEF TASTE…

AND… HERE IS ANOTHER PRECIOUS GIFT FOR YOU… FROM ME… (At least, it is very precious to me…)

When I wrote this, I wasn’t sure that I would ever share it…except with Roger Housden in ‘Your Authentic Life’. It is deeply personal and intimate. It is tender in my heart.

And because so many of you have shared so authentically in these weeks and months that we have been together in Living, Loving, Legacy, in the telesummit and in the tele courses that followed it, I feel moved to share this with you.

It is an Assignment that I wrote…following Roger’s prompts… I take Assignments seriously, and because I do they often bring Beauty and Deep Love in their Revelations.

Here is the Gift. The title of it is: “THE UNANSWERED QUESTION”:

THE UNANSWERED QUESTION ~ Marj Britt intersections in time with Roger Housden (click on link to open)

Roger’s response touched me so deeply…

“How beautiful this is, thank you! I love the interplay between the Knowing and the Unknowing, the deep and wordless connection with all that is and at the same time the Cloud of Unknowing, as a medieval English writer put it, that always permeates everything that we are and the world is.

I would say that rather than unfolding your own myth, it would appear that the mythos, the archetypal pattern of your life in the largest sense, is unfolding you! And that in large measure you have been receptive to it, to the degree that it has become manifest in your life’s work.

And yet still there is the feeling of loneliness, which is so quintessentially human. I do think that our being is held always in a cradle of both love and longing, and that we swing periodically from one to the other. When we Be the longing, that is, when we allow ourselves to feel it completely, without pushing it away, we belong finally. and where we belong is in identity with love itself.

Rumi said, This longing you express is the return message. Your pure sadness is the secret cup.”

With deep Love and Joy, I invite you to join us on Wednesday Sept. 17th at 10:00 am PDT.


Marj and Roger Housden Indoor

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