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Intersections in Time that changed my life with Constance Kellough, by Marj Britt

Somehow, for me, Constance Kellough and Eckhart Tolle are interwoven in my heart.  Constance ‘came into’ my awareness and my life because of Eckhart.  And Eckhart had ‘entered’ because a delightful friend, Jim Wilson, who is a passionate spiritual seeker had said to me one day, “You have just got to go to Inner Directions in La Jolla.  I went this year and it was incredible.”

Sometimes the intersections that change our lives come from two or three ‘links’ away in making the connection.  I went the second year and every year after to  those profound gatherings.  It was there that I connected with Eckhart Tolle not long after ‘The Power of Now’ had first come out and was creating an ‘underground buzz’ in spiritual settings.  “The Flowering of Consciousness” was being filmed.  As Eckhart  signed my book, I invited him to come to Unity of Tustin.

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Connie Kellough had connected with Eckhart by someone who knew him when he first started teaching and was beginning to write.  For me, it is an example of one of those connections arranged by the Universe.  The rest is history and the world has received the imprint.   Destiny clearly knows how to make the connections.  It is up to us to recognize them.

After Eckhart had been at Unity, I felt very drawn to invite Connie, the person who had been so important to Eckhart in navigating the way into publishing.  It was like a ‘knowing’.  An immense curiosity arose, I seemed to ‘feel’ the heart and soul of one who had been such an important part of the birthing of an unknown writer who would be part of creating a shift in the world.  It changed Connie’s life also, she is now Constance and the founder of Namaste Publishing!

In the process of the flight from Vancouver, Canada, there were questions at the border between countries.  She shared the story.  In the space of a ‘silent pause’ she became an “Undercover Bless-er”.  My friend, Dr. Michael Ward heard her say this.  Now he often does this, on trains, in airports, in traveling to worldwide retreat settings.  Simple moments of conversation can be carried around the world.

When I called Constance about Living, Loving, Legacy, she simply said: “I’m in…”  It was like beautiful music to my ears.  When we talked about Constance and Connie, she laughed and said that I was ‘grandfathered in’.  And then she gave me the incredible quote about ‘parables of our time, the new scripture’ that is under the speaker’s pictures on the landing page.  Words now going around the world.

When the Universe gives gifts of connection, often they give birth to others.  Michael Brown, a Namaste author of The Presence Process, came for a much loved intensive.   And Constance invited me to be interviewed by David Ord, Editorial Director at Namaste Publishing, about Living, Loving Legacy.   Do we recognize the immense treasures of the connections that the Universe invites us to see?