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Intersections in Time that changed my life with Andrew Harvey, by Marj Britt

What I Know is that other people mirror to us parts of our own self that we do not fully see or own.  Andrew simply embodies a constellation of cosmic gifts.  One of Andrew’s gifts, for me, is a blazing path of Love visible in his OUTRAGEOUS PASSION.  Through it, the Genius of wisdom, caring, and a beautiful heart and mind pour forth with pure intensity.

As I would ‘prepare the Field’ for Andrew to step into and teach one of his many multi-day intensives, the Process of initiation into Vastness would begin.  His passion for Rumi became seeds in my heart and mind.  The one intensive imprinted in my Being, of all of those intensives, became The Way of Passion, a Celebration of Love and of Rumi.

Marj Britt & Andrew Harvey

On page 157 in Andrew’s book, The Way of Passion, I found the

Vision statement that I recognized as the Purpose of my life:  “Set up educational institutions in which the sacred role of genius can be really known and understood and in which mystical discipline becomes the foundation of all the other disciplines.”


The quote plays in my heart and in my mind as a personal Unique Self Mission statement that quite delightfully and passionately sings its own song!  Interestingly and playfully, the page number 157 was the three-digit telephone number in my childhood home in Boulder, Colorado.  Synchronicity and symbols span our lives.

My beloved friend, Dr. Michael Ward, and I were with Andrew for two weeks in Southern India, Andrew’s childhood home.  The private ceremony in the temples, the wonderful sacred moments, Andrew’s instruction, even “You must leave the tour for two days and go to ‘this’ small village and find the Nadi readers”… all of it was part of the Mystery and the magic of exploring the wonders of India and the wonders of my own journey in consciousness.

Click on the arrow below to listen to Marj in conversation with Meath Conlan about Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Womb-Houses and their meeting in India: 

Meath Conlan and Marj Britt

Moments of surprise, include walking with Andrew through the meditation gardens at Unity.  I was explaining the symbolism of the Stages (days) of Creation that are embodied in each site.  Andrew stopped, looked into my eyes and said, “Marj, I just got the name of your book…it’s ‘The Garden Amidst the Flames’.  He wrote it on a slip of paper and the name of the mystical poet, Ibn ‘Arabi, from whom it came.  I still have the slip of paper…I saved it…somewhere…  The book is yet to come.

The moments that changed my life include long lunches in Laguna Beach, walking along the ocean, or wonderful evenings at the Greek Restaurant that Andrew loves, sitting out on the patio in the night air.  Often words would guide: “Oh, Marj, you must read…and then he would tell me about a book…like “The Rules of Love.”

I loved his response to Living, Loving, Legacy…  “Oh, yes!  I’m so happy to hear you concocting ever more exciting ways to infiltrate God!”