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Dear Friend,

Are you like me? Have you yearned to find belonging, meaning and purpose all of the years of your life?

Have you yearned for love in relationships, in your work, in the mundane, in all of its forms? Have you felt it, delightful, passionate, playful, juicy, tender, cosmic, in all of its expressions?

Have you struggled? Are you struggling? Yearning?

  • Have you ever felt that you didn’t quite ‘belong’ in your life?
  • Does your heart yearn for something different than the way your life is showing up?
  • Have you had dreams and yet find you don’t know how to ‘go for them’?
  • Have you experienced what has felt like a ‘dark night of the soul’?
  • Have you been confused to the point that you don’t know how to get guidance?

I wonder if the answer is very simple.


When I’ve felt it, I’ve felt alive, filled with purpose, seen, appreciated and aligned with something greater.

I want you to feel that same vitality, passion and meaning.

And so I invite you to join with me and some of the most renowned mapmakers of consciousness of our time for a deep dive into Love, and the call for each of us to live our legacy.

I invite you to…

  • Get a glimpse into the hearts and minds of some of the greatest teachers alive today
  • Learn keys and practices to integrate this wisdom into your own life
  • See your own unique steps toward brilliance and the path of destiny
  • Be part of the community of ‘Mighty Companions’ walking the same path

But most of all, this free telesummit is an invitation for you to experience tender, heart-opening moments that perhaps will surprise you. For that is part of the magic and the mystery of the many faces of Love in your life, known and unknown, past, present and future.

Why I was called to create this series on Love…

I was ordained in 1988 as a Unity minister and spent 19 years as the visionary leader and senior minister of Unity of Tustin in Southern California. I’ve often wondered what IT is that has driven my life.

Now I realize that IT has been Love. It is the compelling force behind decisions that have changed the trajectory of my life.

It’s happened in choices in education, professions, lovers and marriage, family and friends. It clearly is Creative, filled with passion, joy, sometimes complexity, and, at times, turmoil.

Somehow Love’s significance shows up in my path interwoven with Destiny. Sometimes it is ethereal, sometimes earthy.

All of this has led me into immense curiosity and many years of seeking.

And now Love has led me to create this series, to explore Living, Loving and Legacy.

10 People that changed my life

Are you ready to join me in this exploration, this expedition into mapping an unknown territory?

For me, it feels like Lewis and Clarke setting out to explore the Louisiana Territory. I have little idea where we’re going to end up, but I Trust and know it will be enlightening.

What I realize today is that my own life is my greatest and most significant qualification.

I wouldn’t have always said that. In the past I would have said it was teaching in public education, my doctoral degree, or more than two decades as a CEO/Senior Minister and spiritual teacher serving hundreds, perhaps thousands, of students.

When I looked back over the last 19 years, I searched for master teachers whose paths had somehow intersected or merged with my heart. I simply looked for those whose teachings and life had changed my own life. People who had most significantly shown me the way, so I could know it and live it as part of my own being.

And those people have graciously agreed to take part in this telesummit.

If you click each of their pictures you can find out how each one of them touched my life.

Will you join me for this exploration of Love?

If you feel the call of your heart, then join me. There is no financial cost and no hidden catches. It only requires a little Willingness…

We will be exploring powerful questions, tender stories and passionate teachings. And perhaps answers and insights like…

  • How glimpses of destiny can shape our lives in ways we could never conceive
  • Why distraction is imprinted in us and interrelated with our desire to feel Love
  • How we each have special people in our lives that are the Faces of Love that change us…some easily recognized and some in interesting disguises
  • What practices are the lifelines that return us to a life of Love and fullness
  • How we can connect all the dots, and realize Love as the substance of everything

You will not be alone.

You will be joining me, these esteemed mapmakers of consciousness and so many other seekers. We will come together, explore, learn and talk about this Field of Love as a Guiding and Compelling Power in our lives.

I invite you to follow your heart, and walk with me on this journey. Simply enter your details in the signup box below, and I’ll be delighted to welcome you to our growing community.




With deep Love and Gratitude,

Marj Britt, Founder and Host of Living, Loving, Legacy

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