Don Beck

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Dr. Don Beck has been developing, implementing, and teaching the evolutionary theory of Spiral Dynamics for more than three decades. Beck has elaborated upon the work of his mentor, Clare Graves, to develop a multidimensional model for understanding the evolutionary transformation of human values and cultures. As cofounder of the National Values Center in Denton, Texas, and CEO of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc., Beck is employing the Spiral Dynamics model to effect large-scale systems change in and among various sectors and societies of the world. He is the author of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change, written with Christopher Cowan in 1996.

Beck’s long consulting career has taken him to such diverse settings as 10 Downing Street to consult with Tony Blair’s Policy Unit; the south side of Chicago to address the problems faced by inner-city schools; the World Bank to consider the future of Afghanistan; and the boardrooms of major banks, energy companies, airlines, and government agencies. In his 63 trips to South Africa between 1981 and 1988, he had significant impact on political leaders, the business sector, religious leadership, and the general public in order to help bring about the peaceful transition from apartheid to democracy. Out of his experiences there, Beck wrote “The Crucible: Forging South Africa’s Future” with Graham Linscott.

Intersections in Time that changed my Life, by Marj

I first read about Don Beck and his work in ‘What Is Enlightenment?’ magazine.  When I read about his research, his path and the Spiral…everything just fell into place.  It was like a cosmic shift.  A call to ‘Information’ was part of our first connection.  Sometimes it is so simple that we may not always act on it!  It flowed into the four or five multi-day intensives, each one building on previous ones…

Don was the first to recognize the grounds of Unity of Tustin, even the buildings, as embodiment of the Spiral.  He saw all of the colors dancing…and invited me to see, celebrate and Know all of the colors of the rainbow in the spectrum of my own life as well as at Unity.  He spotted so clearly how Purple is part of me.  All of the symbols in the garden and in my teaching, the imprinting of the sacred, the ‘tribe’, family, culture…all there.  It was like all of the octaves could now play their beautiful music…in my life as well as on the piano, or the harp, both instruments of my childhood.  Extra-ordinary meets ordinary and opens the potentials of the Vastness.

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