James Twyman

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James F. Twyman is the New York Times bestselling author of 15 books, including “Emissary of Light,” “The Moses Code,” “The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking” and “The Barn Dance.” In 1994 he put the peace prayers from the 12 major religions to music and began traveling the world as “The Peace Troubadour,” often being invited by world leaders and peace organizations to perform the concert in countries at war. He has performed in Bosnia, Iraq, Serbia, South Africa, Israel, Northern Ireland, and many other places.

James has also produced seven music CD’s, and is the producer/director of five films, including the award winning “Indigo” and the upcoming “Redwood Highway.” He is also the founder of The Beloved Community, a network of spiritual peace ministers around the world, as well as the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking which has graduated and ordained over 500 ministers. James lives in Portland, Oregon.

Intersections in Time that changed my Life, by Marj

Some times the Universe gives us multiple chances to ‘see’ it!  When James Twyman first came to Unity of Tustin many years ago, he came as a Peace Troubadour doing music and a workshop about his unfolding life.  Then the Universe sometimes simply emerges in ways that we could never have predicted or arranged.

It happened recently with the Universe bringing in Fabienne Meuleman, while she was in an in-between time in her life.  She ‘showed up’ to be part of Called By Love.  I was in my process of choosing twelve names.   The connection with James Twyman now completed.  Fabienne saw his name on my list and said ‘I know Jimmy Twyman’.  Sometimes links come back…when we miss them.

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