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Marj BrittFounder / Visionary / Creator of Content and Co-Creator of Miracles
Mystical Knowing of Miracles as Natural
Melanie M. DavisTelesummit Director / Executive Coordinator of Online Presence
The Angel of Everything
John RobinsonLiving Loving Legacy Website Designer / Webmaster
Our Superman
Fabienne MeulemanExecutive Assistant / Newsletter Editor /
Content Development & Social Media
The second Angel of Everything
Karina RindtSocial Media Graphic Design / Photography / Facebook Development
Artistic Magic and Facebook "Wow"
Vanessa van NieuwenhuysenCalled by Love on Facebook Social Media / Photography
The Heart and Soul of Amazing Grace
Fern JosephCalled By Love Website Designer and Manager
Love that extends around the World
Darrell HoldawayVideo Producer / Consultant
Producing Love Everywhere