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Intersections in Time with James Twyman that changed our lives, by Marj Britt & Fabienne Meuleman

Part 1.
By Marj Britt:

Some times the Universe gives us multiple chances to ‘see’ it!  When James Twyman first came to Unity of Tustin many years ago, he came as a Peace Troubadour doing music and a workshop about his unfolding life.  There were multiple opportunities to see different pieces of an amazing ‘picture’ emerging.  I continued to be aware of James Twyman’s work as he began to appear more and more on a worldwide stage.

Unity of Tustin’s Children’s Ministry participated in James invitation to become part of creating a Prayer Quilt called the Cloth of Many Colors.  When James was in Kosovo, during the war there, he had a vision of a quilt that was about a mile long being wrapped around the United Nations building.  The quilt, when it manifested and was completed not only was wrapped around the UN, it was also taken to Washington to wrap the U.S. Capitol building and later the Pentagon.

I’ve been aware of James’s work with Doreen Virtue, a former member of the Unity of Tustin community.  Doreen deeply connected with my son before his death, inviting him to create stained glass prayer boxes for her community.  I see so clearly how Light connects with Light, how Love connects with Love as it heals lives.

For James, The Beloved Community emerged after hearing of a mystical group rumored to exist in the mountains of Bosnia and Croatia.  I’ve often thought of Unity of Tustin as a Beloved Community, my prayers of invocation always begin with Beloved One…Come Upon Us…fill us, penetrate our very being…

A moment of potential connection happened when I heard of James vision of the Golden Indigos.  I sent an email message on a website form and never heard back.  Our human ‘attempts’ don’t always ‘make it’, as they become lost in time or perhaps don’t get through ‘gate-keepers’.  I smile, realizing that I’ve had my own gate-keepers.  Have you?  Have you identified your own?

Then the Universe sometimes simply emerges in ways that we could never have predicted or arranged.  It happened recently with the Universe bringing in Fabienne Meuleman, who in an in-between time in her life showed up to be part of Called By Love.  Fabienne felt called by Love.  I was in my process of choosing twelve names.   The connection completed…James Twyman is part of Living, Loving, Legacy.  Fabienne saw his name on my list and said ‘I know Jimmy Twyman’.  Sometimes links come back…when we miss them.

Part 2.
By Fabienne Meuleman:

Jimmy James Twyman and Fabienne Meuleman in Ireland - July 2007

Not only was James Twyman on Marj’s list of names, he also synchronistically called me on my cell phone while I was at Marj’s home shortly after we spoke about him. Spontaneously, I passed the phone to Marj and their reconnection was established. Just like that. Effortlessly.

I first met Jimmy-James (James Twyman) about 6 years ago during his “64 Days for Peace”. He was coming to give a concert at the United Nations and I felt a pull to go. I was living in New York at the time. Although I was on my spiritual journey, I was still working full time on Wall Street in the HR department of a large bank.

One of the stories I remember Jimmy sharing that day in April 2007 was what had happened a few days before at the US Capitol. The “Children’s Cloth of Many Colors” had been displayed on the West Lawn at the Capitol in the shape of a peace symbol where a group had joined hands around the quilt, singing and praying for peace with him for 15 minutes.  The next day, a call from the Capitol Police inquired to know what they had done because the grass was growing greener in the form of darker and longer blades of grass displaying a peace symbol on the lawn. The Police thought they did it on purpose, possibly using fertilizer. It wasn’t so. The grass remained greener in that configuration for about two weeks.

What Marj & I found out recently is that indirectly, that story shared by Jimmy was already connecting the dots between Marj, Unity of Tustin, and myself. Indeed it was the cloth Marj referred to above that the children of Unity of Tustin contributed to… that I heard about from Jimmy that day in New York.


I didn’t talk to Jimmy that day, yet left with two gifts: his CD “God has No Religion” that became a sing-along for me, and the DVD of the “Indigo Evolution” documentary. I remember thinking it was so generous that his CD and DVD were available to pick up for free. I found out years later when I mentioned it to him, that the reason they were free was that they were not allowed to sell anything at the United Nations. At other venues around the country, they were for sale. Who knows if I would have bought them if they were not given that day as I remember leaving quickly to go back to my office? If not… how different would my life be today…

I recall sitting on my sofa in Brooklyn (NY), pausing the Indigo Evolution DVD to take notes, rewinding it several times, writing the names of some of the people interviewed. Some of them I met later as a result. I had been intrigued about the topic of the Indigo Children because I had been told some years before that “I was an indigo” and wanted to find out more about what it meant, so I could figure out if and how it was fitting my own experience. Also, I was in the process of leaving my job on Wall Street and was feeling called to explore the possibility of working with youth/children as I was starting to think about the next steps in my life.

The Indigo Children & Golden Indigos: another point of connection Marj & I found out recently about, as we are “connecting the dots” retroactively as well as forwardly…

My transition period leaving the corporate world started with a trip to Europe that included my first visit to Ireland to visit a friend and her family. I had also planned to spend time with Finbarr Ross, whom I had met at a workshop at the Meta Center in NY just weeks after Jimmy’s concert at the United Nations. The topic was “Awaken the Divine Feminine” and Finbarr was one of the speakers, sharing about Mary Magdalene’s life. He mentioned that he was organizing “Sacred Mystical Journeys” and kindly offered to show me some of the Sacred Sites in Ireland as he would be there when I was coming to visit in July 2007. Later I realized that Jimmy was going to facilitate a weekend workshop in Ireland in the same time period and I was  feeling that pull again to attend. Checking in with Finbarr, it turned out he had wanted to connect with James Twyman (that I refer to as Jimmy, or Jimmy-James) for a long time. He was glad I brought to his attention that he would be in Ireland as well. I had connected them without knowing they were trying to connect.

Finbarr Ross and Jimmy James Twyman in Ireland July 2007

After the workshop started, I realized it wasn’t going to be learning about the Indigo Children as I had thought. Instead we were practicing the Moses Code, which was all new to me. Chanting and activating the “I Am That, I Am.” I went along with the unexpected unfolding. As it turned out, although it did not give me direct clues about my possible work with children, it certainly did have a significant impact on my journey.

During one of the breaks, Jimmy told me he had a strong sense before the workshop that he would meet somebody there who would be very significant in his life. And that when he saw me, he knew it was me. He shared that he didn’t know how this might play, it could be something related to a work or mission to do together.

At the closing circle of the retreat, after creating an “Emissary Wheel” with the group, I remember thanking him and the other participants for welcoming me as I felt I was a “newbie” in terms of spirituality among many who had started their paths 20/30 years earlier. Jimmy responded with something that put things in perspective “Never underestimate where you are on this path. Your heart is so open – and that’s the only thing that matters”. Receiving that, and taking it in, was certainly one of those “intersections in time that changed my life”. It put things in perspective for me.  I contemplated the possibility that how much or how long one was consciously involved in spirituality was not necessarily that much of a significant factor. There were others.

DSCF3439 Emissary Wheel

What followed are 6 years during which Jimmy impacted my life in multiple ways. At times it was very directly and at others indirectly through people I met because of him or circumstances that would not have occurred without him being in my life at various points in time. Through various chapters, we developed a special friendship and it is quite fascinating to me to reflect on that whole period that spans from before leaving my corporate position on Wall Street all the way to having joined Marj Britt and the Called by Love ~ Living, Loving, Legacy Telesummit team.

I could write pages more…  about the conferences in the UK and various locations in the US where we were present together… about assisting him in officiating two “spontaneous” weddings at the end of a retreat… about helping on the set of “The Moses Code” movie where I met Andrew Harvey and Debbie Ford for the first time, as well as others who were present and remained friends since… about phone conversations… feedback shared about Jimmy’s books and other projects… fun times with friends… strange synchronicity… surprises of various kinds…  it goes on…

For now, I will close with a reference to a UK retreat that followed the workshop in Ireland. It goes full circle from 2007 to recently, highlighting more of the unfolding of synchronicity.  When I arrived in London with the Eurostar coming from Brussels, I told Jimmy: “I just thought I should have contacted my friend from the group Bliss, maybe I could have seen them during this trip” – Jimmy said: “You mean Lucinda, from the group Bliss? She will be joining us on Saturday night to sing at the retreat”. And she was… (picture below)  I had met Lucinda, and the rest of the group Bliss, at the Seeds of Transformation conference organized by the Humanity’s Team in upstate New York in June 2005. We had become friends on the train ride back to NY city and stayed in touch thereafter. Bliss’ music had helped me tremendously during a challenging time in my life as I was going trough my divorce at the time. I would often listen to some of their songs, such as “A Hundred Thousand Angels” before going to work, and introduced their music to several friends who have been also deeply touched by it. Two years later, Lucinda & I were reunited synchronistically thanks to Jimmy at Hazlewood, in Devon (UK) and I didn’t even know they also knew each other…


How does it connect to now? Just recently, at the end of August, Marj & I were talking about a woman who had died after returning from a recent Israel Peace trip with Jimmy. He had told me about it and Marj showed me an email she had received from another source. It is then that I realized I had met Gillian Kean, the woman who had passed away, on the first night at Hazlewood, at that retreat in the UK in 2007. She was one of the founders. We didn’t talk much that night… yet… after she passed… I realized reading about her life, and interests, tours of the sacred sites in France and the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, that our paths too, were connected in more ways than I had realized.

With Jimmy-James Twyman being part of the Living, Loving, Legacy with Marj, more of the weaving of time and space will continue to unfold and be revealed. I know.