Where Are You? Where Are We?

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Our next Tele Course

“Where Are You? Where Are We?” will be for four weeks in April.
The dates will be April 2, April 9, April 16 and April 23 at 10am PDT/1pm EDT

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In the natural flow of things, there are times in our lives when we PAUSE… where we sometimes survey the maps, the CHOICE POINTS about future destinations, sometimes even called DESTINY. 

We pause to REFLECT, sometimes REVIEW, even perhaps RESEARCH, take a look at some POTENTIALS in order to go forth once again with RENEWED ENERGY and COMMITMENT… even into the UNKNOWN realms of perhaps unexplored territories and experiences.

Let’s explore together where we are… What are our GLIMPSES OF THE KOSMIC PLAN that are unfolding in our own lives and in the world?

Let’s explore in the Synergy of the We Space what our own Authentic Life, our own One Taste, might Reveal…

You are invited to join Dr. Marj Britt for a new 4-week deeply experiential process… with you bringing your own life into the curriculum…

Be part of our growing Worldwide Campus of Consciousness from the comfort of your home. Live Teleclasses (and replays) and Private online community with deep levels of shares.

OVERVIEW of the 4-week Tele Course:
“Where Are You?  Where Are We?”

Wed, April 2nd
The Way of Letting Go:  How do we ‘do it’ when ‘it’ keeps coming up?

Wed, April 9th
Stepping Stones Along the Way:  How does our experience and expression change as we live the Monumental Leap?

Wed, April 16th
Seeing the Shadow Dance in the Dazzling Darkness

Wed, April 23rd
The Delightful Discovery: Coming into the Power of Love
Aligning with New Paradigms of Health, Wealth and Happiness
Living the Transformation

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A letter from Marj….

Let’s explore the questions, especially WHERE ARE WE? We can’t know that until we come together… You can do the first one somewhat on your own… and then…

Let’s come together… Let’s join in the Synergy of We! We’ll experience something in the space together that will be greater than any individual can have alone. It’s an amazing experience of Co-Creation that comes from Beyond the mind.

We have shared a significant journey, exploring, learning, being surprised, delighted, intrigued and sometime deeply moved, even changed…

It is now important to take a moment to recognize where we are, not only on the map, also with our own process! This hasn’t just been an individual journey, a solo act. We have deeply explored with each other, in the live calls, with questions and answers, and in our Tele Course private Facebook groups. We have learned from each other.

As I ask myself the first question ‘Where Are You?’ what I know is a profound and deep inner Joy at the deep connections I am experiencing and feeling…from people around the world. It is beyond what I’ve ever imagined… I am feeling immense gratitude and delight as some of you send me personal messages telling me of your profound experiences.

One example was just this week: “This whole experience has been amazing. I have the distinct impression of being “lifted up” and having access to dimensions I did not even know existed… I truly feel I am making the “monumental leap”, leaving my old life behind. It feels like a rocket launch…”

I personally feel enchanted with the Mystery, the Unknowing. I experience immense curiosity and delightful anticipation, knowing something Vast and Beautiful is emerging. It is like seeing Kosmic glimpses of future time and Vision unfolding.

I feel the Realization of Knowing that the “Gold” we have found is not just in the Thread, we are finding it in the whole Spiral!

What is your leading edge at this now moment in time? What are our common ‘flavors’ of exploration? What has been most meaningful to you? What is your heart still yearning for?

I have some of my own answers also to these questions: My leading edge has to do with my own emergence into what I’ve come to call the ‘4th Act‘ of my life… And there is more. What has been most meaningful for me is the deep sharing coming from what I recognize as advanced souls who have already studied, sometimes for years, with some of the mapmakers of consciousness. I know the mapmakers changed my life, and clearly they have also changed yours. And we are continuing in the integrations.

My heart yearns to know you more, to continue to take the deep dives with you, to learn from each other and to continue to be part of the laying of the Kosmic grooves that will change the world.

Our next Tele Course “Where Are You? Where Are We?” will be for four weeks in April. The dates will be April 2nd, April 9th, April 16th and April 23rd. It will be at 10amPDT.

It will include the week we know as Holy Week and Easter in the Christian path, one of the major spiritual paths worldwide. Millions of people around the world will be in prayer. It is one of the most powerful collective times of transformation and New Birth or Resurrection on the planet.

You will be part of the Emergence as we collectively say “YES” to our amazing life changing explorations together.

With Deep Gratitude and Love,



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