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First we BELIEVE, then we KNOW, and we ACT

We Believe that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe for Healing Lives, Building Dreams and Realizing Legacy. It is the most powerful force that the world has ever known.

We Believe that Love forms a Conveyer Belt in its various stages, states and incarnations. It does not separate in its healthy forms, it awakens us even in unhealthy forms, all while bringing meaning and abundance to all.

We Believe that Faces of Love are found in many forms: our Relationships, lovers, partners, friends and family; our Work, vocation or avocation; our Passion for transformation, nature, for creation and/or whatever form is unique to each of us.

We believe that Love in all of its forms will play an essential role in generating revolutionary ideas and solutions that will lead to the revelation of Essence Itself.

We Believe that Love is a Tipping Point for a historic shift and that individually and collectively, we can be part of the Shift that brings into our lives the Good, the True and the Beautiful.


Called By Love is a doorway that exists to connect people to Love in its fullest potential. First it is in the ‘I Space’ existing within each individual and in the ‘We Space’ existing in relationship. Then it emerges into Knowing the Essence of the All That Is, it is Heaven on earth…in Emergence.

Love is an Energy Field that exists in the visible and the Invisible. It yearns for us, even as we yearn for it. It pulls us with Its Vibration and catapults us beyond our limited and partial perceptions into Vaster dimensions.
Love opens our partial seeing to Clear Vision as our souls live Higher and Deeper in the Spiraling Circles of Life.


Called By Love offers transformative learning and teaching that Transcends and Includes, transforming thinking and feeling, healing and shifting perceptions, in the lives of ordinary and extra-ordinary people.

As human awareness and Soul Awareness integrate, co-create and dance, the process is synergistic, supporting the elevation of humanity through Love.

We live, teach, model, train, invite and initiate in the experience of a Worldwide Campus of Consciousness committed to ‘Living your Destiny, Loving your Life, and Realizing Legacy’.



Called By Love will focus on the launch of its first Telesummit, inviting some of the high profile Master Teachers who have been part of the Campus of Consciousness intensives developed over the 19 years of Marj’s tenure as Senior Minister and CEO of Unity of Tustin in Southern California.

Some of these Master Teachers were just beginning, unknown, when they came. Now some of them have been on Oprah… Interviews will focus on the Faces of Love in their lives, the power of this Kosmic Force beyond the human mind. They will be models of the Way of Emergence, the living, spiraling Path of Destiny. Interviews of this kind in a series, to our awareness, have never been done before.

(This FIRST TELESUMMIT OF LIVING, LOVING, LEGACY includes people such as Andrew Harvey, Adyashanti, Don Beck, Jean Houston, Roger Walsh, Russ Hudson, John Welshons, James Twyman, Constance Kellough, founder of Namaste Publishing, Marj Britt and others. We see it as the first in a series. The list of people includes over 190 names. We are just beginning to make contacts.)


Called By Love will engage people through Worldwide Telesummits, Webinars, Teleseminars, Live Intensives, Retreats, Joint Ventures and Affiliates.

Live Intensives based on the Stages of Co-Creation (the theme sites of Unity of Tustin’s beautiful Meditation Gardens) may continue to be hosted at Unity of Tustin.

A virtual garden tour is available on

A three-year Teacher Certification curriculum will be available.

Our products will include digital downloads, CD’s, DVD’s and videos, Books, eBooks, iBooks and more.

The first book, The Codes of Co-Creation by Marj Britt, is forthcoming. It will be the first in a series of Called By Love books on the stages and states of co-creation.


Called By Love was founded in 2011 by Dr. Marj Britt. Monthly in-person intensives based on the Map of Co-Creation began in September of 2011. They are Friday evening, 7-9 and Saturday, 10-4. (See Events on

Living, Loving, Legacy, a worldwide campus of consciousness, was launched in 2013. (See

Called By Love Institute, Inc., a public benefit non-profit is in the process of birthing. The legal incorporation in the state of California happened in April of 2012. The approval from the Internal Revenue Service has now been received and Called By Love Institute has 501 (C) (3) status in the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are tax deductible under this designation.

Called By Love Institute will have faculty, many of whom will bring complimentary pieces of a Vision, with all the parts being inter-related and collaborative in a greater whole. A Synergy will exist in a Co-Creative Field of Emergence.

The Seeding of this is found even now on the Called By Love page on Facebook in the phrase Dr. Marj Britt & Friends. It is found in the teaching now happening in the monthly live intensives hosted at Unity of Tustin where Dr. Marj Britt served as CEO and Senior Minister for 19 years.

Called By Love Institute will be able to receive donations and offer Seed Money to seed visions of people who are Called By Love to develop visions and sustain their lives and businesses in ways that open the Flow and Awareness of Love in all of life’s settings.

This is the inter-connection between the individual and the collective with the power of Love accelerating a global shift.

(This Vision Statement, written by Marj Britt, has been written in ‘states and stages’ over a period of time… It is still in the process of Revelation.)


As we are creating the foundations of the Called by Love Institute,
recognized as a non-profit 501(C)(3), we welcome your support in all ways,
including if you wish to share a tax-deductible gift by clicking HERE.


Thank you!