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How do all of the facets of Love emerge, create,
and reveal Beauty in all of the experiences of our lives? 

Did you ever play with a Kaleidoscope when you were a child?
Do you still LOVE to look at one when you just happen to see one, perhaps on a table, perhaps in a Gallery for unique art?

Think about it… There is a ‘countable’ number of pieces of clear colored glass. Yet when ‘you’ turn the Kaleidoscope, you ‘create’ thousands of possible landscapes, views, images of incredible beauty.

How does it do that? The STRUCTURE of the Kaleidoscope itself takes the ‘countable’ number of pieces and turns it into the THOUSANDS of REVELATIONS OF LIGHT. The pieces have individual gifts of color that shift and change with the turning and become the BEAUTY and EXQUISITE WONDER of the thousands of ways to Co-Create in the Structure of the One.

Join us for our 5th Called by Love ~ Living, Loving, Legacy TeleCourse
4 Wednesday in June Live @ 10 AM PDT (or Listen to Replay)

Registration is $100 USD


On This Page:
 A message from Dr. Marj Britt
Schedule of the 4 weeks with Keren, John and Marj
 Frequently Asked Questions
+ Registration

A Message from Dr. Marj Britt:

Dr. Marj Britt

Dr. Marj Britt

This is not a ‘typical’ registration page. Some of you will not even read it because it is too long… And this will not be a typical Tele course.

I have a Vision…one that comes from Beyond Words as Revelation. It is about the coming of Heaven to Earth ‘for the healing of the nations’.

This Tele course will be my first, perhaps strange, attempt to bring a small piece of That into manifestation…into words, into structure.

I have been ‘warned’ by one of my most respected coaches that it probably won’t work. I had a similar warning when I was in seminary nearly three decades ago from one of my most respected teachers. He was the person who was part of imprinting the Vision for the Codes of Co-Creation in the very Essence of my Being. Those Codes have become my life’s work.

His name was Marvin Anderson and he was a renegade of sorts. I guess I am too. Marvin said that my Vision for what came to be the Campus of Consciousness at Unity of Tustin wouldn’t work. I did it anyway. It did work and now nineteen years later, it has emerged in the invisible platform of the worldwide web.

You have in some way been a part of the experience of Called By Love, either in its bricks and mortar phase…or www.CalledByLove.com. Or you have perhaps been part of www.LivingLovingLegacy.com and if so, you may also be a student of one or some of those amazing Master Teachers who changed and continue to change my life…

And because you were also in perhaps all, perhaps part, of the first four Tele courses, you were part of bringing this next course into being.

Interestingly, it had not occurred to me that the people who would register for the Tele courses would be students of some of the most authentic and Realized Souls on the planet. I am in Awe in a strange sort of way. In my naivety, I had never ‘thought’ of that. What a blessing you are to me…and to each other.

Now, you have in some way found yourself reading this Registration Page for KALEIDOSCOPE: PAINTING THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW IN OUR LIVES.

Your Gifts of Genius and your Natural Gifts are in the colors of your rainbow. It has come in part as a result of your years of study, perhaps even evolving into a professional field. And some of the colors are a part of your soul journey. They were part of what you brought in from the eternal, the Face before you were born.

I would call it a Miracle that you are on this registration page. Or even a Miracle that you have read this far. Think of the odds of that!

Only you will know if you are Called to be part of what I call a “Holy Experiment”. If you are, you will probably Know from Beyond your rational mind. It will be a Call that you Know in your heart.

We will be Co-Creating in a Field of Consciousness that is rare on this planet. It is the Field that Rumi knew, when he wrote “There is a Field beyond right and wrong. I will meet you there.”

This Field will come from the Inner to the outer, from “As Above, so below”. We will begin with four Wednesdays in June…

Registration $100USD

 TeleCourse June Schedule with Keren Clark, John Robinson and Marj Britt

We will begin with two of our long-time participants in Called By Love and Living, Loving Legacy becoming Guest Hosts and Dialogue Participants for two Wednesdays when Marj will be traveling to Unity Village for Unity Institute & Seminary Board Meetings and Graduation. We will be preparing the Field for more!

This is part of the 1st Holy Experiment, the inviting of Keren Clark and John Robinson to be Guest Hosts and Dialogue Participants the first two Wednesdays in June.

Keren is part of the core team with Claire Zammit and Feminine Power, as well as Craig Hamilton and Evolving Wisdom.  John has been with Called By Love from the very beginning and has been very important with his technical skills in creating the platforms for Called By Love and Living Loving Legacy on the web.

June 4 and June 11


John Robinson

John Robinson

Not only is a kaleidoscope composed of a ‘countable’ number of pieces of clear colored glass, there is also an external container within which those bits of glass come together to make such gorgeous patterns and fractals. Marj is just such a container for people, like Keren and John, who have been called into her presence.

The container called Dr. Marj Britt is wide, deep and generous. She has stood with and for her own vision and for those whose lives she touches for decades. Kaleidoscope: Painting the Colors of the Rainbow of our Lives is one such vision.

John and Keren are honored and privileged to be the first of those people, Called by Love, and touched by Marj, to step as leaders into this shimmering kaleidoscope that Marj is calling us all into on the world wide web.

Keren Clark

Keren Clark

If you have ever experienced a calling towards the expression of something new into the world, if you have ever been curious about what form that might take, if you have ever felt under-supported in bringing a vision or a program into manifest form in the world, if you have considered what it might be like to take that expression onto the world wide web and have not known how, if you long for a community with whom to birth your vision into the world, then Kaleidoscope may be calling you.

Join Keren and John for the first two Wednesdays in June as they, “Yes!” to Marj’s ‘Holy Experiment’.

June 18 and June 25

DR. MARJ BRITT will be back… Marj will be inviting you to map your own Vision for your Now and Future Self, the steps that you see, or get glimpses of, in your own process of Love Looking for Work.

As Keren and John begin on June 4 and 11, as they step out in this Field of Potential, this Holy Experiment, and model with courage… and a willingness to be “The First Ones”… you will learn from them!

Marj’s vision is that this process of deep dialogue will continue. And some of it will be about the stories, Natural Gifts and Gifts of Genius coming from this amazing community of souls who have participated in the Telecourses that emerged and evolved out of the Living, Loving, Legacy Telesummit. Your Legacy will be part of the Mapmaking, the laying of the Kosmic Grooves.

This is our time of experiencing the Synergy of our shared Desire and Co-Creation. We share a profound Awareness of Consciousness, and of being Called By Love. There is unlimited potential in that Knowing. And it is inviting us to say ‘Yes’ to next steps, to embrace New Levels of Vastness and Vision…

You are invited to the turning of the KALEIDOSCOPE! You are one of those beautiful pieces of clear colored glass who holds the potential to co-create the Thousands of possible landscapes, views and images of incredible beauty!

Registration $100 USD


FAQs ~ Here are some Frequently Asked Questions with answers…. 
How will I access and participate in the course? The format and access to the course will be the same format as the Living, Loving, Legacy TeleSummit and previous TeleCourses. Registered participants receive a link and password to access the Course Page with all of the sessions, Q&A Form and access to the replays.

How long is each Session? Each session is approximately 90 minutes of teaching. If there are more questions or conversations that exceed the allotted time, Marj will remain on the line to address everyone’s questions as her schedule allows.

What if I miss a call, or know I cannot attend them ‘live’ … will a replay be available? If you are unable to attend a call, no problem! You will be able to submit your questions in the course Q&A box at any time. Marj will get them. When you listen to the replay, you will hear your question read and answered if time allows.

Do I need a Facebook Account to participate in the course? We have created a Private Facebook group for the Course Participants. You do NOT need to have a Facebook account to participate in the course, however we encourage those who have Facebook to join the group. It gives an intimate, enriching environment for each of us to get to know each other on deeper levels. Participants receive the link to the group via email.

How do I register? You still have time to register ~ just scroll up the page where you see the Paypal registration button. If you prefer to register by sending a check, please address it to Marj Britt or Called by Love and send it to Marj Britt, 14402 S. Prospect Ave., Tustin CA 92780 and send an email to team@livinglovinglegacy.com to let us know the check is on its way. 

Who is Dr. Marj Britt? Dr. Marj Britt founded Called by Love in 2011 as the Universe began to call her to a worldwide platform that was beyond the ‘bricks & mortar’ platform of Unity of Tustin.

Marj was a visionary leader of Unity of Tustin, California, for 19 years. Widely known for its beautiful meditation gardens and as a Campus of Consciousness, Unity of Tustin hosts some of the foremost master teachers of today. Marj has also served as senior minister for two ministries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before ministry, she completed a doctoral degree at the University of Massachusetts School of Education, with a focus in curriculum, psychological education, and counseling. For her dissertation, ‘Life Patterns of High Success’, the School of Business was represented on her dissertation committee as an ‘outside member’.

She attended seminary at Unity School of Christianity and was ordained in 1988. She has served on the seminary board, the Academic Governance Council, as well as in other national leadership roles.

She is a mystic in the world, a master teacher, with consciousness and Love as the living flame of her life.

Who are Keren and John? Check out their websites: Keren Clark at http://kerenclark.com/meetkeren.html and John Robinson at http://actingenlightened.com.

What if I have more questions? 
If you have more questions, we invite you to write to team@livinglovinglegacy.com

Registration $100 USD

Kaleidoscope June 2014 TeleCourse Banner Lower Res