Intersections in Time that changed my life with Adyashanti, by Marj Britt 

We never know when ‘happen-stance’ occurrences may be significant intersections in time that can change our lives.  One happened when I heard Adya speak for the first time.  He wasn’t famous yet.  I went up, spoke to him afterwards and said that he looked so young for his incredible wisdom.  I told him that I wanted him to come to Unity of Tustin.

Then Adya and I just happened to be walking back at the same time to the Inner Directions gathering in La Jolla after lunch that day maybe twelve years ago.

Adya and Marj Open Gate Sangha

I am a visionary…and I saw it even then.  Walking, we happened to fall into stride, side-by-side.  I shared with him that he Continue reading


Intersections in Time that changed my life with Andrew Harvey, by Marj Britt

What I Know is that other people mirror to us parts of our own self that we do not fully see or own.  Andrew simply embodies a constellation of cosmic gifts.  One of Andrew’s gifts, for me, is a blazing path of Love visible in his OUTRAGEOUS PASSION.  Through it, the Genius of wisdom, caring, and a beautiful heart and mind pour forth with pure intensity.

As I would ‘prepare the Field’ for Andrew to step into and teach one of his many multi-day intensives, the Process of initiation into Vastness would begin.  His passion for Rumi became seeds in my heart and mind.  The one intensive imprinted in my Being, of all of those intensives, became The Way of Passion, a Celebration of Love and of Rumi.

Marj Britt & Andrew Harvey

On page 157 in Andrew’s book, The Way of Passion, I found the

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Intersections in Time that changed my life with Constance Kellough, by Marj Britt

Somehow, for me, Constance Kellough and Eckhart Tolle are interwoven in my heart.  Constance ‘came into’ my awareness and my life because of Eckhart.  And Eckhart had ‘entered’ because a delightful friend, Jim Wilson, who is a passionate spiritual seeker had said to me one day, “You have just got to go to Inner Directions in La Jolla.  I went this year and it was incredible.”

Sometimes the intersections that change our lives come from two or three ‘links’ away in making the connection.  I went the second year and every year after to  those profound gatherings.  It was there that I connected with Eckhart Tolle not long after ‘The Power of Now’ had first come out and was creating an ‘underground buzz’ in spiritual settings.  “The Flowering of Consciousness” was being filmed.  As Eckhart  signed my book, I invited him to come to Unity of Tustin.

Picture 130

Connie Kellough had connected with Eckhart by someone who Continue reading