Codes of Co-Creation

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Codes of CoCreation_10Classes

Dr. Marj Britt . . . and You, as part of the Emerging Curriculum


10 Live Classes (with Replays available) and Field Trips from
OCTOBER 1 through DECEMBER 17, 2014 at 10am Pac/1pm East

Note: Marj is offering the first 2 classes on Oct. 1st & Oct. 8th for FREE

All Details, Dates, Q&As as well as Replays available below

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Register now for the full class, $300 USD
All Classes available Live and/or Replays

OVERVIEW OF THE 10 Classes (+Field Trip)

0. Pre-Call: Codes of Co-Creation – Free Introduction

Free ~ Replay Available to All from Sept. 24th (Click on Link to Listen)

1. LET THERE BE LIGHT (Oct. 1st):

Recognize the Faces of Love in your life, in all of the parts of your life, significant relationships, friends, lovers, family. See it in your passion for Purpose, the ways it has revealed itself in work and the experiences you’ve been ‘drawn to’, even in all of their interesting disguises…

Free ~ Replay Available to all from Oct. 1st (Click on Link to Listen)


Experience the Knowing of Radical Trust and Faith in your own GIFTS OF GENIUS, your ‘natural gifts’ and ‘earned gifts’, perhaps yet to be revealed, gifts which you may never have ‘thought of that way’…

Free ~ Replay Available to all from Oct 8th (Click here to Listen)

Click here for an example of a Map of Consciousness.

3. GLIMPSES OF THE SOUL (Oct. 15th): 

Learn to Recognize and totally honor the Downloads that you have and will receive from Beyond the Rational Mind, that constantly are coming to you from Creative Imagination and Source, called by many names…


See how all of your life has been part of the preparation for what is your Unfolding Destiny Path. See how You are Called to be a CO-CREATOR. See how Will and Understanding that is Greater than you, yet which you are Uniquely a part of, is part of guiding you and revealing the Way…


Glimpse the Knowing of the Bridge between human love and Cosmic Soul Love. Feel the Awareness of the Tribe that you are a part of, at the level of the soul and in your human experience. Recognize how everything is working together for Good that sometimes seems beyond your human understanding.


Begin to experience how Sea Changes, Upheavals, Angels and Sea Monsters have been part of it all…even when they seemed to almost ‘capsize your boat’ or erase the white board of your life. See how what appears to be the end is another beginning.


See clearly, with Vertical Awareness, with Love and Wisdom, how Multiple Realities exist simultaneously, Always Already. See how Timelessness and time, past, present and future, are One in the Now Moment of Presence. Learn how to Access this Knowing.


Experience what is Known as ‘Being in the world and not of the world’, coming back into everyday life with GIFT BESTOWING HANDS. Begin to see clearly the Destiny Path that is part of your very Being. Recognize how your Soul’s Plan Leads and Guides you as you live in Alignment with Radical Trust.

+ FIELD TRIP (Nov. 20th to Dec. 9th)

Create your own field trip of Gratitude coming from and exploring all of the glimpses of the moments of integration and new awareness in your Soul Journey.

9 & 10. BONUS CALLS:

Please join us in this special telecourse ~ 

Register now for $300 USD

Please read Toni Monsey’s experience with Marj:

“Marj Britt is a woman of wisdom, passion, open-heartedness, and delight, all wrapped into one inspirational human Being. Every class I take from her, and each encounter I have, whether it be directly or indirectly, leaves me shaking my head in wonder at how she expertly transmits into me exactly what I need in that moment.

If you’re like me and want to learn to speak the language of Love fluently, so that you can increase your capacity to Be that Love, I strongly recommend that you sign-up for Codes of Co-Creation.

While you’re at it, check out her website, where she has a library of audio interviews with some of the greatest teachers of our time, e.g., Andrew Harvey, Adyashanti, Jean Houston, Russ Hudson, and Patricia Albere. And go to her other website, to read her blogs.

It is all profoundly nourishing spiritual food that will inspire you to manifest your gifts in the world so that together we can co-create a world filled with peace, justice, truth, freedom, and love that we all so deeply desire.”

Please join us in this special telecourse ~ 

Register now for $300 USD

FAQs ~ Here are some Frequently Asked Questions with answers…. 

How will I access and participate in the course? The format and access to the course will be the same format as the Living, Loving, Legacy TeleSummit and previous TeleCourses. Registered participants receive a link and password to access the Course Page with all of the sessions, Q&A Form and access to the replays.

How long is each Session? Each session is approximately 90 minutes of teaching. If there are more questions or conversations that exceed the allotted time, Marj will remain on the line to address everyone’s questions as her schedule allows.

What if I miss a call, or know I cannot attend them ‘live’ … will a replay be available? If you are unable to attend a call, no problem! You will be able to submit your questions in the course Q&A box at any time. Marj will get them. When you listen to the replay, you will hear your question read and answered if time allows.

Do I need a Facebook Account to participate in the course? We have created a Private Facebook group for the Course Participants. You do NOT need to have a Facebook account to participate in the course, however we encourage those who have Facebook to join the group. It gives an intimate, enriching environment for each of us to get to know each other on deeper levels. Participants receive the link to the group via email.

How do I register? You still have time to register ~ just scroll up the page where you see the Paypal “Pay Now” button. If you prefer to register by sending a check, please address it to Marj Britt or Called by Love and send it to Marj Britt, 14402 S. Prospect Ave., Tustin CA 92780 and send an email to to let us know the check is on its way. 

What if I have more questions? If you have more questions, we invite you to write to

Please join us in this special telecourse ~ 

Register now for $300 USD